Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Author Spotlight: Bill Talcott

Today I will talk to Bill Talcott and his Remnants of the Past series. here is what he has to say:

A long time ago I had written a story that I called ‘They Were Gods’, and before I had a chance to do the rewrites and editing, I set it aside to write a short twenty or thirty page story for a group of friends that I played video games with. The story turned out to be so much more and would eventually be called "The Mission".

The story takes a band of mercenaries to a distant world known as Valdorion. For me, the most amazing thing about "The Mission" is not so much the story, it is how the characters are a part of me. In reality, there is a part of me in each character I write. Yes, even the villain, Senator Tyrell!

The idea for the story came at a time when my own government had drawn a line in the sand, forcing the people of the country I live in to do what it told us was right. We were told that we were either with our government or with the terrorists. To this day, I resent the fact that we were being manipulated into believing something that we may not of otherwise believed.

Today, we tiptoe through the political minefield towards health care reform and my latest book, "Shield of Health" reflects how politicians can use health care for political gain. Don’t worry; Shield of Health is a fictional story and a prequel to The Mission. I wouldn’t dare bore you with politics.

I am currently finishing my rewrite on Shield of Health. In it, we’ll learn how our merry band of mercenaries known as the Undead, come to be on the distant world of Valdorion. We also learn the fate of the Ella Marie, the military freighter used to take the Undead to Valdorion. We’ll learn a lot more about Don Grisio and Vince Jacobs, two characters who appeared briefly in the Mission. We will also learn that most of what our government feeds us is lies.

About Bill: 

My Wife and I reside in Niles, Michigan, approximately 50 miles east of the big lake. After reading an author bio by John Varley years ago, I decided to give writing a try. I now spend my mornings before going to work either writing or editing something I’ve written.

Both books are a part of a series called "Remnants of the Past".

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